Jones Projects was founded in 2016 to meet the growing needs of small and medium enterprises in their projects and products. Drawing on 5 years experience in academia and across 4 different industries, we found the same problems time and time again and learned how to tackle them with some of the largest companies in the world.

Our designs are used around the globe in products such as turbochargers, circuit breakers, trains, race cars, and many more.


At the heart of the business is a need to solve problems, early on in our careers these were predominantly technical and allowed us to build key skills in product design and manufacture - we can get your product from concept to delivery.

Later we turned our attention to people problems and have a battle tested approach to designing the products and projects that improve businesses with massive impact - we can manage projects of any scale, improve your products design, reduce manufacturing costs, and help you build great teams.

we can offer computer aided 2D and 3D design with production ready drawings. Engineering simulation and analysis. new product introduction management. design for manufacture, DFMEA, six sigma and many more industry standard tools.